If you’re looking for opportunities and advice on working abroad in Europe, then the European Online Job Days (EOJD) 2011 is for you.

Taking place at the same time as Manchester’s European Job Day on 9 November, employers and EURES Advisers (job mobility experts) from a number of European countries will be available online. This means that you can participate virtually, wherever you are in Europe. So, whether you want to put a question to an employer, chat to a EURES Adviser or simply follow the Manchester sessions live, the EOJD is your chance to explore a range of career possibilities all over Europe. To take part, you can register here.



The website for the European Online Job Days (EOJD), held in conjunction with the European Job Days in Manchester on Wednesday 9 November, is now live.

The EOJD is an innovative concept that will allow you to attend the Manchester European Job Day event virtually, from the comfort of your own home or office. Now you can benefit from Manchester's premium employment event wherever you may be in the world! The Manchester European Job Day will be held at Manchester United Football ground and a wide range of overseas jobs will be advertised at the event, including temporary, seasonal, short and long term contracts as well as permanent work. The EOJD will enrich the main Job Days event by offering the chance to participate virtually in almost all of the main activities at the event.

You can now visit the EOJD site to:
Follow links to EURES social media sites on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
Search for open positions in the job database
Access the live chat reservation system and set up an appointment with an employer or a EURES Adviser
Visit the country pages for information on living and working abroad
Watch the live streaming feed of events on the day (and also access archived presentations)

Country pages
This area of the site contains background information on living and working abroad in all of the participant countries. If you still can't find what you're looking for, there will be links to more exhaustive information on the EURES website and the chance to contact a EURES Adviser for a personal consultation.

Live chats and streaming
Diverse and informative presentations held throughout the day at the event will be streamed live on the EOJD website and also available for later online viewing. An especially innovative and useful feature of the EOJD is the chance to set-up a one-on-one virtual consultation with a jobseeker or EURES Adviser via the EOJD website.

Job database
From the EOJD website you can access the online job database and match your profile with a vacancy.
On behalf of EURES, the Manchester European Job Days team and the EOJD team, we look forward to welcoming you to the event, both online and on-site.

Click HERE to visit the website today!
Thank you in advance,
The European Online Job Days team