University of Murcia
May 20-22, 2010

Over the years, the field of L2 writing has grown and expanded in many directions in terms of the theories that have informed research in the field, the inquiry methods employed, and the populations, educational and professional contexts investigated. With the theme “Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries”, the 2010 Symposium intends to be a forum for a retrospective and critical analysis of these various avenues along which L2 writing theory, research, and pedagogy has expanded.

The 2010 Symposium also attempts to look ahead in its exploration of the way in which further crossing of disciplinary boundaries can enrich the field of L2 writing. Internationally recognized experts in L2 writing will explore in their plenary addresses the connections between L2 writing and the fields of composition studies, second language acquisition, cultural studies, L1 writing, educational sciences, and psychology. Five invited colloquia organized by equally well-known scholars will address further issues regarding the connection and cross-fertilization between L2 writing and related disciplines. Finally, the program will also schedule concurrent sessions in which both well-established and junior researchers and teachers will address a wide range of theoretical, methodological, and practical issues in the field of second and foreign language writing.

Call for proposals:
The 2010 Symposium Organizing Committee seeks proposals for 20-minute presentations that address various topics within the field of L2 writing broadly defined. Any topic related to second language writing theory, research, or teaching is welcome. We particularly encourage proposals that seek to challenge the status quo in the field by introducing new topics as well as new theoretical and methodological approaches. As with all previous nine Symposium iterations, we are interested in L2 writing issues in any second or foreign language, at various levels of education, and in the professions.

Given the theme of the Symposium, we particularly encourage proposals that connect L2 writing with other related areas of inquiry, such as computer assisted instruction, second language acquisition, sociocultural theories, linguistics, psychological and educational sciences, language testing, or rhetoric. We welcome proposals from around the world.

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